Lucas Heymès

Front-End Engineer & Computer Whisperer

Currently looking for a new adventure!

Looking for a freelance developer?

I build digital experiences using JavaScript/Vue/React, a11y, View Components, Rails, Rich Data, CI/CD, Docker, Workers. And a lot more.

Recently I've been helping the 8Beats internet web radio and released the website for Marge de manœuvre.

In the past, I have helped and worked as an employee for a digital agency driven by curiosity, a design-your-own 3D printed jewelry marketplace, a 100%-successful crowdfunding platform, a data-driven investigative journalism site dedicated to new cultures and technologies.

Gobelins 2013 alumni.

Side dishes

Some Notes, a simple Bandcamp Feed player, tiles with some scrapped data, a fancy record inventory, a set of cursed and shiny D&D Tools, a very simple invoice generator, an unofficial Quake Champions API...